Russell Brand accused of sexual assault on 'Arthur' movie set in latest lawsuit

Comedian Russell Brand speaks in Parliament Square during a protest against the Conservative Government and it's austerity policies in London, Saturday, June 20, 2015. The protest is intended to be peaceful, but demonstrators are angry at public sector cuts meant to address government deficits, which ballooned after Britain rescued troubled banks during the 2008 financial crisis. Demonstrators argue the public is being punished for a crisis it did not cause. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)
Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault by an actor who worked on the set of the film "Arthur" alongside him. (Tim Ireland / Associated Press)

Russell Brand is being accused of sexual assault by an actor who worked as an extra on the set of the 2011 Brand-led film "Arthur" in a new court filing.

The court document, obtained by Insider, was filed by a woman under the name "Jane Doe" in Suffolk County, N.Y. In the affidavit, the woman claims that Brand sexually assaulted her while he "appeared intoxicated, smelled of alcohol and was carrying a bottle of vodka on set."

She added that Brand "exposed his penis" to her in full view of cast and crew of "Arthur," which included people employed by Warner Bros. The accuser alleged that the actual assault happened on July 7, 2010, in a bathroom on set as a member of the production crew "guarded the door from the outside."

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Doe claimed that she was assaulted on the first day of a three-day booking and that she was asked not to return to set after the first and was only paid for one day's work. Given that she is still a working actor, Brand's accuser decided to maintain her anonymity due to fears that she may be blacklisted in the business as a result of her association to her allegations.

"I cannot bear to imagine my career that I love being jeopardized at this point in my career," the court documents read. She added that she also fears aggressive responses from Brand and his devoted fan base.

"Brand has previously used his social media platform to rally his fan base to support him in the face of current accusations of impropriety made against him by others," the legal papers noted. "I fear that among his millions of followers there will be some who would be willing and able to harass me and my loved ones in person and online, including potentially through violence, if my name and identity were to be made public."

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Representatives for Brand did not immediately respond to The Times' request for comment on the latest allegations.

Warner Bros. was also listed as a defendant in the court filing, as well as several other production companies. Warner Bros. and Langley Park Productions did not immediately respond to The Times request for comment.

In a joint investigation published in September by the Times of London and “Dispatches,” a news program on Britain’s Channel 4, numerous women alleged that they were sexually assaulted by Brand between 2006 and 2013, during which time he rose from eccentric British TV personality to debauched Hollywood star. The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" actor addressed those allegations in a YouTube video, in which he vehemently denied having any nonconsensual relationships.

Since 2020, Brand has found a new niche as a contrarian influencer, “free-thinking” pundit and online talking head who has broadcast and endorsed numerous debunked ideas. He amassed a large following on YouTube (and later Rumble, an alternative streaming platform) by posting videos in which he railed against COVID-19 lockdowns, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and “the globalist master plan” and other right-wing bugbears. In July, he interviewed Tucker Carlson — the first interview the Fox News star has given since he was fired from the network in April.

Times staff writer Meredith Blake contributed to this report.

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