Russell Coleman responds: Vote for an experienced lawman for Attorney General. | Opinion

When it comes to how to deal with violent criminals, sex predators and drug traffickers, the Kentucky families I talk to are clear: Lock. Them. Up.

But in one of the most tone-deaf endorsements seen in recent years, this paper endorsed a radical state legislator who doesn’t have a Kentucky law license or any meaningful relationship with law enforcement.

The woke news media chose the most unqualified candidate to run for this office because they know I’m going to use my law license to lock up violent criminals and drug traffickers.

I’ve spent my career in law enforcement, carrying a badge and a gun. The Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), sheriffs, police chiefs and prosecutors from our most urban to most rural communities have endorsed my campaign. They trust me to uphold the law and keep our communities safe on Day One.

My opponent has never even practiced law in our Commonwealth.

Facts matter. I have a proven record of working collaboratively to protect Kentucky families and our law enforcement. My opponent would put them at risk to advance a radical, liberal ideology more in line with President Biden’s agenda than your values. A prime example is while I was prosecuting those who threatened our families, downtown businesses, and police in 2020, my opponent was in the legislature trying to weaken the “rioting” statute.

I’m running for Attorney General to protect your family—not to advance some ideological agenda. I would be honored to have your vote.