Russian Troops Facing 'Extreme Disillusionment' Trying To Fight Ukraine, UK Claims

Russian president Vladimir Putin pictured with Russian troops.
Russian president Vladimir Putin pictured with Russian troops.

Russian president Vladimir Putin pictured with Russian troops.

Russian troops are becoming disillusioned with Moscow’s attempts to push back against Ukraine’s liberation attempts, according to the UK.

The UK’s ministry of defence (MoD) claimed in its daily update on X – formerly Twitter – that doubt is seeping through Russia’s ranks.

The British intelligence claimed: “Comments posted by the Russian military community suggest extreme disillusionment amongst those involved in these counter attacks, especially near Bakhmut, with reports of ‘ill-conceived’ advances, lack of artillery support and heavy casualties.

Since Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 – intending to seize the whole country – his troops have only managed to secure approximately 22% of Ukrainian land. 

That includes the Crimean peninsula too, which Moscow actually annexed in 2014.

Although Russia has subsequently reduced its war aims to just consolidating the gains it has already made, the MoD update suggests that even that is not going to plan.

It pointed out how Russian forces have been making a “concerted effort” to make local counter attacks against Ukrainian troops in Orikhiv, in Zaporizhzhia, and in Bakhmut, in Donetsk – and failing.

Russia has been defeated in both areas, meaning Ukraine has kept its grip on the liberated land.

Zaporizhzia and Donestk were both illegally annexed and declared officially part of Russia a year ago, but Kyiv has made it clear the war will not be over until it gets all of its land back (including Crimea).

The MoD continued: “During the last nine months, the Russian force in Ukraine has proved itself capable of conducting stalwart defensive operations.

“However, it continues to display only minimal capability on the offensive.

“Commanders struggle to orchestrate complex joint effects, to concentrate sufficient artillery ammunition, and to maintain high morale and offensive spirit.”

Russia has once again resorted to intense air strikes against the whole of Ukraine, most recently targeting the port of Odesa.

Last week, Moscow also aimed attacks at six different cities, including the capital of Kyiv.