Ryan Phillippe Shows Off Rapping Skills, Name-checks His Past Movies

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

You probably know Ryan Phillippe as an actor, but he’s also a huge hip-hop fan. If you check out his Twitter feed, you’ll find plenty of silly lyrics.

And in 2015, he shared his tribute to the late rapper Sean Price — a tattoo on his arm.


So when he recently visited the radio show Sway In the Morning, he decided to show off his skills.

The show has a long-running bit where guests freestyle, and Philz, as he calls himself, name-checked some of his hit movies (Crash, Cruel Intentions, and I Know What You Did Last Summer) while rapping with his phone: “Crash into me with cruel intentions / And I’ll take away your girl and do some things that we won’t mention / I don’t know what she did last summer / In the front seat of my Caddy, no I don’t drive a Hummer”

Most of Sway’s guests are hip-hop artists, so spitting a freestyle isn’t really out of the ordinary. But last year, another actor stunned the radio host — and the entire Internet, for that matter — with some blistering bars: Shia LaBeouf (he starts rapping at 29:51).

Phillippe shouted out to LaBeouf in his own freestyle, rapping, “Shia was nice, man, LaBeouf was a beast / And there will be no disrespect ‘cause I don’t want no LaBeef.”

Now there’s a rare thing — two rappers who don’t have a beef.

In other Shia LaBeouf news, a video shows him threatening a police officer after being arrested:

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