Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart reunite for a 'Just Friends'-themed Aviation gin ad

Ryan Reynolds and his "Just Friends" co-star Amy Smart got together for a not-so-happy ending.

On Monday, Reynolds' Aviation American Gin company released a holiday ad titled "Just Friendsgiving" to reveal the status of Chris (Reynolds) and Jamie's (Smart) relationship 18 years after the rom-com debuted.

In the ad, set inside a green screen living room decked out with Christmas accessories, Reynolds' Chris welcomes home his "honey" Jamie after a long day at work.

Smart enters the room holding a bottle of the spirit as she tells her husband, "The bar ran out of Aviation American Gin." In response, Reynolds lets out an exaggerated grunt over the news.

The "Stargirl" actress calls for several cuts as she questions Reynolds on why she'd be holding the bottle if the bar ran out and why the lines don't seem as natural.

Catching on to what is really happening, Smart says, "So, this is a stupid ad for your gin company."

"Let's not rush to judgment before all the facts are in, I mean this is a self-funded sequel predicated on a loose interpretation of IP laws so … yes, it is an ad for my Aviation American Gin," the "Red Notice" actor concedes.

Smart calls the misleading casting a "dirty" move and a few profanities are exchanged to conclude the skit.

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart reunited for an Aviation American Gin advertisement.
Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart reunited for an Aviation American Gin advertisement.

Reynolds and Smart co-starred in the holiday rom-com "Just Friends" in 2005. The movie begins with Reynolds in a fat suit as his character Chris forms a crush on Jamie, who only loves him in a platonic manner.

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Years later, Chris slims down and turns into a womanizer to cope with the rejection of his high school crush and begins dating famous pop star Samantha James (Anna Faris).

Chris ends up bringing Samantha home for the holidays only to realize he's still in love with Jamie all these years later.

You can guess what happens next… they both fall in love with Aviation American Gin.

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