Ryan Reynolds responds to a 'Deadpool' superfan's drugged-up post-dentist video

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

By this point, sharing a video of your drugged-up post-dentist visit is a common occurrence online. But James Eversole Jr. also happens to be a superfan of the superhero Deadpool, which was the main topic of a loopy conversation he had with his wife after having his four wisdom teeth removed.

If you can’t understand James’s unintelligible mumblings, he tells his wife, who filmed all the hilarity: “We missed the Deadpool movie.”

She replies, “We didn’t miss the Deadpool movie — you’ve seen it about 5 billion times.” He clarifies that he’s talking about Deadpool 2, which is coming out later this year.

James tweeted out the goofy video, making sure to tag Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool Twitter account, and Marvel Studios for good measure. And it worked! Reynolds jokingly wrote back, “Years ago, I had my wisdom-testicles removed. I know how painful it can be. Consider this your official invite to the Untitled Deadpool Sequel, James. I’ll see you and a guest in May.” 

Hopefully James won’t book any dental work before the big premiere.

So far, Reynolds has teased the highly anticipated sequel with a bizarre but delightful Bob Ross parody video.

But Deadpool wasn’t the only topic of conversation during James’s barely conscious dental rant: He also touched on ice cream and, randomly, wanting to “bang” his wife. Somehow, both topics seem Deadpool-approved.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to be released on June 1.

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