Ryan Seacrest pretends to be pregnant on 'Live' for a full hour

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest waddled onto Live With Kelly and Ryan with a little baby Ryan in the oven to give some weirdly placed and oddly shaped support for a coworker who is actually expecting.

He and Kelly Ripa were to do a segment for pregnant women, showing how to take care of a baby. They were joined by a producer on the show who is pregnant. Seacrest wore a fake pregnant belly and complained that he smelled onions and that he had weird cravings.

That didn’t stop Seacrest from getting into faux preggers shenanigans with Chrissy Teigen, who is also actually pregnant. He compared bellies with her and tried to relate to the problems she had experienced after giving birth.

The sight of Seacrest with a belly made one wonder why Hollywood hasn’t rebooted the 1994 classic movie featuring a very pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger, Junior.

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