Sabrina Carpenter criticized after working as barista to promote song ‘Espresso’

Sabrina Carpenter receives backlash after working as a barista to promote song ‘Espresso’ (TikTok/@sotruetyler)
Sabrina Carpenter receives backlash after working as a barista to promote song ‘Espresso’ (TikTok/@sotruetyler)

Sabrina Carpenter has recently been serving espresso.

Recently, the “Please Please Please” singer was in London working at a Blank Street coffee shop while promoting one of her latest songs, “Espresso.”

Blank Street and Carpenter took to Instagram to share the news of Carpenter sitting in a Blank Street while sipping on a drink. “She’s working late because she’s a baristaaaa,” the caption from the post read.

“Thanks @sabrinacarpenter for popping by Charlotte St and serving up some me espressos.”

A clip of the “Nonsense” singer made its way to X, formerly known as Twitter, in which she could be seen working behind the counter. The post prompted many to accuse Carpenter of being another celebrity “cosplaying” as a member of the working class despite her large income.

“A billionaire cosplaying as the working class? I’m a fan but I just can’t support this,” one comment on the X post read.

“Why do celebs love to cosplay as min wage workers?” another commenter questioned.

“Stop showing millionaires as if they were normal people with normal jobs and normal concerns. They are not and the video is hurtful and pathetic,” a third commenter wrote.

However, there were other commenters who didn’t think her working there was such a large deal, and instead viewed the visit as a good marketing tactic.

“As someone who has worked as a barista and cried all the cries and dealt with all the customers…” one quote tweet began.“This is funny as f*** and I love Sabrina Carpenter it’s a f***ing campaign get over yourselves half the people complaining about glamorizing these jobs get paid from twitter lmfao.”

“How about we evaluate each situation individually? Does Sabrina Carpenter, famous singer of hit song ‘Espresso,’ have a reason to possibly do marketing as a barista? Yes, she does. Would it be absolutely cringe to do it for no reason? Yes, but she isn’t a Kardashian doing poorface,” another person wrote on X.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has worked a shift at a typical minimum wage job in order to promote something of theirs. Back in October, Charlie D’Amelio and her family sparked criticism when they all worked a shift at Walmart.

The influencer was celebrating the partnership of her popcorn brand, Be Happy Snacks, with the retail chain.

Her family was seen wearing the signature blue Walmart vests along with name tags as they were scanning and bagging the snacks. “Our mood watching people get their @Be Happy Snacks,” they captioned the post. “Go get yours now!!”

Similar to Carpenter, the video was re-posted on X, where many people expressed their frustrations with people who treat a working class job like a fun activity and not a necessity to earn an income.

“Rich people pretending to be poor will always piss me off,” one person wrote on the platform at the time, while another user said: “I feel like this makes a mockery of working class jobs but okay…”

“Maybe I’m just a hater but something about a rich person pretending to be a working class citizen just rubs me in the wrong way,” a third person wrote on X.