Samantha Bee takes a break from blasting Trump to talk climate change

Full Frontal With Samantha Bee dedicated a full epsiode to fighting climate change. Bee opened the show saying, "This week we are taking a break from talking about the president attacking gold star families and instead we're talking about something else: Our planet constantly attacking us in every way imaginable."

In order to get her message about climate change across, Bee enlisted the help of musician Ingrid Michaelson. She sang the lyrics, "Better fix this sh*t today, sh*t today, sh*t today. And we might still be f**ked anyway, and we might still be f**ked anyway."

In response to the reversal of certain environmental protections, Bee also created form letters so that fans could write letters seeking a hearing with EPA director, Scott Pruitt. Pruitt is a climate change denier and Bee is a strong believer in climate change.

Bee also tried to convert several climate change deniers. One denier explained his concern saying, "They talk about these cows are releasing this methane gas. Enough to release some kind of anal gas that's going to destroy the Earth. It's all nutty to me."

Ultimately Bee is hoping to leave a somewhat inhabitable planet behind for future generations.