Samsung's new Galaxy Ring is mostly a mystery — watch the big reveal

  • Samsung teased a new smart ring called the Galaxy Ring on Wednesday. 

  • It's a health and wellness wearable device that will likely rely on AI. 

  • The company didn't offer other specifics like cost, features, or the ring's release date.

Samsung has a new product coming, but it's being a bit shy about it.

At the very end of Samsung's Unpacked 2024 Showcase on Wednesday, the company teased a new smart ring it has in the works. It's called the "Galaxy Ring" and the company is billing it as a "powerful and accessible health and wellness device."

Aside from a splashy video that was only seconds long, the company didn't say much about the Galaxy Ring in terms of its price, features, or when it will be released. But it's likely to rely on AI in some capacity, which was a theme of the event.

Samsung Galaxy Ring.
Samsung's new Galaxy Ring will be a health and wellness device for tracking metrics like sleep.Screenshot from Samsung's Unpacked event.

"With AI, technology is empowering us to stay connected, unleash our creativity, and stay connected, all in more meaningful ways," Dr. Matthew Wiggins, a clinical research scientist at Samsung, said in his announcement of the ring on Wednesday. Samsung is also working on a spate of other AI-powered devices including smartphones and even a robot-vacuum mop that can detect stains.

But the Galaxy Ring is likely to focus on tracking and measuring health metrics like sleep, if a Samsung patent filed in February 2023 is any indication.

And this might not be great news for Oura — Silicon Valley's favorite smart ring manufacturer. The company's $300 smart ring tracks metrics like sleep, body temperature, and even daytime stress.

You can watch Samsung's big reveal of the Galaxy Ring around the 1:11:00 mark in the video below.

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