Samsung's Galaxy Watch FE arrives on June 24

The $200 smartwatch has many of the same features as flagship Galaxy Watch devices.


Samsung is expanding its lineup of Galaxy FE devices, which offer many of the features of flagship devices at a more budget-friendly cost, with a new smartwatch. The company says the Galaxy Watch FE includes the sensor tech, performance and health and fitness features of mainline Galaxy Watch devices with an all-new look. Naturally, though, there are some tradeoffs.

The Galaxy Watch FE doesn't have the physical rotating bezel of the Watch 6 Classic, for instance, and it's limited to one size: 40mm. There are three color options of black, pink gold and silver and there are new one-click watch bands with blue and orange stitching. The watch has sapphire crystal glass, which Samsung says will help protect it against scratches in day-to-day use.

The device has a wide range of health and fitness features, including the ability to help you track more than 100 workouts. There's an advanced running analysis feature that aims to provide insights and guidance to help prevent injury, while the personalized heart rate zone tool will help you set your own goals based on your physical abilities.

The Watch FE also offers electrocardiogram monitoring and can look for signs of irregular heart rhythms and atrial fibrillation. Additionally, it has sleep tracking and body composition features, while it can deliver motivational messages to help you along your wellness journey.

Other features include Find My Phone and Samsung Wallet. You'll be able to control the camera of your compatible Samsung smartphone remotely with the help of the Camera Controller tool.

The Bluetooth version will cost $200 and will be available in the US on June 24. The $250 LTE variant will arrive in October.