Sandy Alderson takes another not-so-subtle dig at Matt Harvey

New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson (left) and pitcher Matt Harvey (right) are still not on great terms. (AP photos)

The soap opera that is the New York Mets continued on Friday when general manager Sandy Alderson took a less than subtle dig at Matt Harvey while discussing the pitcher’s recovery from a right shoulder injury.

When asked how Harvey’s recovery was coming along, Alderson responded by referencing Harvey’s recent off the field drama. That includes his string of appearances in Page 6, which is the tabloid section of the New York Post.

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Alderson’s exact response was reported a couple different ways, but each captures the same tone: He was in no mood to say anything positive about Matt Harvey.

Alderson and Harvey obviously weren’t on the best terms even before the latter was suspended by the Mets on May 7 for a “violation of team rules.” We later learned Harvey had failed to show up at the ballpark one day earlier in what Harvey’s side described as a miscommunication. A grievance would be filed and Harvey would return to the mound one week later. But it would only be temporary as his shoulder gave out during a start on June 14.

It’s obvious the relationship has not taken any positive steps since. But what’s the point of confirming that or throwing more gasoline on the fire? Especially now, with the Mets already in a state of disarray thanks to their disappointing 36-42 record and a string of injuries and other bizarre dramas that have stolen headlines.

That thought seems to echo what a lot of Mets fans are feeling right now. But this goes to show that Alderson walks to a different beat than most general managers. While most prefer and even mandate that such dramas remain confined to the clubhouse, he’s not afraid to bring it back up to make a point or even a joke.

It’s a unique way to conduct business. Some would even argue it’s counterproductive. You won’t find a counter argument to that here.

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