Sangita Patel nails impressive fitness challenge: 'Superhero strength'

Sangita Patel shares video completing impressive fitness challenge via Instagram/ @sangita.patel
Sangita Patel showed off her latest workout challenge on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/ @sangita.patel)

Sangita Patel is back with this week's impressive dose of fitness inspiration.

On Tuesday, the "ET Canada" host took to Instagram to share her latest motivational exercise video, where she demonstrates a strength challenge for her more than 135,000 followers. In the video, she rocked a pair of white and grey ombré leggings, a black jacket and a black ball cap.

"Essentially the challenge is to get up without bending your elbow!" she wrote in the caption after explaining that she was originally inspired to try the challenge after seeing it done by an athlete on "Sports Center."

Fans quickly praised Patel's video, complimenting her for her "superhero strength."

"I would literally break my wrists doing this lmao. You're seriously a beast and I mean that in the nicest way possible haha. You're strong AF. Keep it up! You are goals," one fan penned, while another added, "Superhero strength. You go, girl!"

"Wow, that does not look fun to do, it looks like you were about to break your wrist. But amazing that you were able to do it," wrote another. "Your #FitnessTuesday is raising the bar each week."

One Instagram user commented: "If I tried this, my wrist would snap like a twig! You're absolutely amazing!"

"Wowza! You Rock," someone else chimed in.

"You're showing off!" another quipped.

Last month, fans applauded Patel for not only nailing another fitness challenge but for doing it in high heels and a gown on the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival red carpet.

"Well, I haven’t been to the gym all week — eating burgers and fries and lacking on my water intake. My body is like, 'Yo, whatcha doing?'" she captioned a clip of herself wearing a stunning, vibrant sleeveless red gown and black open-toe high heels. "But you know me — I’ll find a way to get a good challenge in, in heels, in a dress, on the red carpet."

"Love how you are doing this on the red carpet in heels," one person commented. "Slay, girl!"

"You are fearless to do that in heels! Well done," added another.

One fan echoed: "In heels — now that’s amazing!"

"D—n. I can’t even do it in shorts and bare feet. Imagine in heels," commented another. "You go, girl."

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