Sarah Hyland Claps Back—Her Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle Is NOT a Perm

Katherine J. Igoe
Photo credit: Sarah Hyland - Instagram

From Marie Claire

  • Because the Internet is the Internet, people are commenting on social media that it's a perm. (Per Sarah, it is not.)

Sarah Hyland got a haircut two weeks ago, which she's using to show off a short version of her naturally curly hair. It's a stark change from her Modern Family Haley look and the straight hair she often sports on red carpets-before she made the switch, Sarah said it was time for a new lewk and to take out Haley's extensions (I also looooove the short summer haircut with an abiding passion, so I feel this very strongly). Plus, her boyfriend Wells Adams loves it, so everything is perfect, right? NOPE, because people apparently think it's a perm, and Sarah is not here for that.

In response to a fan's tweet that referenced Hyland showing off her "permed hair," she clapped back: "I’d like to say this once. IT’S NOT A PERM. IT’S JUST MY HAIR."

Photo credit: Getty Images

I find this intriguing-Sarah has had curly hair before, both in its long and short forms, but I guess it's just so curly now that it's wigging people out? (Corny pun intended, sorry.)

Here's Sarah with her hair straight for comparison:

And here's a look at her natural curls:

Lol-poor Sarah. You tell 'em! As a fellow curly girl, I understand.

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