Sarah Silverman Isn’t About To Be Trolled For Repeating Her Outfit


‘Masters of Sex’ Panel [Photo: REX]

We all know how hard it is to find a outfit that we feel and look fab in. Hence why, even after hundreds of shopping trips over the years, most of us have just one trusty LBD.

And being a celebrity - and having access to multiple designer get-ups - doesn’t mean that you’re less likely to repeat an outfit, as Emmy-winner Sarah Silverman well knows.

The 45-year-old star is clearly very fond of a little black floral number in her wardrobe - so much so that she’s worn it to three public appearances in recent weeks.


Love and Friendship premiere [Photo: REX]

But, despite how great the ensemble looked on the star, repeating an outfit doesn’t impress some people.

One newspaper shamed Silverman for wearing the dress for a THIRD time, writing, “it’s unclear why the outrageous public figure can’t find another ensemble to wear.”

Fortunately, the comedian didn’t appear to take offence and took to Twitter to respond.


[Photo: Sarah Silverman/Twitter]

“SCANDAL! I bought it on Amazon, I like it, it’s easy, and I’ve worn it WAY more than 3 times,” she tweeted.


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