SATS worker admits to filming woman in workplace toilet

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[Updated Monday, 29 March: An earlier version of this story had listed the accused as a SATS employee, following court documents. He is actually employed by a SATS sub-contractor.]

SINGAPORE — While on a break, a man saw a woman entering a toilet at the SATS building where he worked and decided to film her.

As Dinnie Zikry Mohammad Rizal placed his mobile phone above a cubicle divider in the toilet and filmed the victim, his hands shook out of fear. He then left the toilet before returning shortly to repeat the action again.

A probation report was called for the 19-year-old on Wednesday (17 March) after he pleaded guilty to one count each of criminal trespass and one count of recording the victim in a private act without her consent on 14 January last year. Another four charges of a similar nature will be considered for his sentencing.

Dinnie was a ramp service officer employed by a sub-contractor of SATS.

On 14 January last year, Dinnie was near the female toilet at SATS Airfreight Terminal 5 Core K building having a break after his job training. He saw the victim, whose details were redacted from court documents, entering the toilet and decided to illicitly film her.

He followed her into the toilet and made sure no one was around before entering the cubicle next to the victim’s. He then turned on the video recording mode of his phone before placing it above the cubicle divider to point at the victim.

“After recording for a while, the accused took down his phone as his hands were shaking out of fear. He left the cubicle but decided to return to take another video as he knew that the quality of the first video was likely to be bad,” said Deputy Public Prosecutor Tay Zhi Jie.

Dinnie later returned to the toilet and positioned his phone at the bottom corner of the cubicle to record the victim again, but the woman noticed the phone and shouted. She knocked on her cubicle door a few times, causing Dinnie to retract his hand and flee.

By then, Dinnie had six videos of the victim in his “recently deleted” folder, as he had preset his phone to delete any video that was less than five minutes long. He ended up deleting all six videos.

Dinnie was later identified through CCTV camera footage. He was arrested and the six videos were retrieved from his Telegram application as he stored them there to retrieve them later. He claimed that he did not share the videos with anyone else.

For criminal trespass, Dinnie could face a jail term of up to three months, or a fine of up to $1,500, or both. For recording her without her consent, he could be jailed up to two years, and/or fined, and/or caned.

Dinnie will return to court on 28 April for his sentencing.

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