This Saudi retailer is Photoshopping women into beach balls and Twitter is losing it

Erica Rae Chong

Retailers photoshopping models is (sadly) nothing new. Net-a-Porter and Target have been caught red handed and were called out on social media for it.

But it’s a new Photoshop controversy that’s got Twitter buzzing.

User @SilentRuins tweeted a screenshot of a tweet by Saco, a hardware chain in Saudi Arabia, promoting Intex swimming pools in which a woman has been photoshopped beyond recognition. Way, way beyond.

That’s right, she’s now a ball.

Here’s a closer look at the original photo:

And here’s the same image after it’s been Photoshopped:

Note the poorly-painted wetsuits on the dad and three kids, and the mom who’s inexplicably been turned into a Winnie the Pooh beach ball.

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The tweet received almost 150,000 like and nearly 90,000 retweets with many voicing their shock.

Some thought the switch up was simply hilarious and poked fun at the retailer.

And others pointed out that erasing women digitally was a common practice in Saudi Arabia where strict censorship rules are enforced.

She ain’t lying:

The original Saco tweet is still live — and isn’t the only one with missing moms and new beach balls.

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