Savannah Guthrie challenges Nikki Haley on Ukraine call assertions: 'Can I stop you right there?'

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley headed over to Today to discuss her new book, With All Due Respect, but wound up defending herself and President Trump in an interview with Savannah Guthrie some are saying was “unprofessional.”

On Tuesday, Guthrie hammered Haley on her assertions that Trump behaved ethically during a much-debated phone call with the president of Ukraine, in which some say he threatened to withhold aid if the country didn’t open an investigation into political rival Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden.

“When you look at that situation it’s hard to see where impeachment would qualify for that,” said Haley. Guthrie interrupted, “Can I stop you right there because—with all due respect, to borrow a phrase—that doesn’t seem like much of a defense of the president.”

“They also know that President Trump has been very strong for Ukraine by giving anti-tank missiles, by going against Russia, holding the sanctions,” continued Haley. Guthrie again interrupted to point out that aid to the country was indeed withheld.

“Aid was on-hold at that moment. The aid did go on-hold. It eventually was released,” said Guthrie, but Haley called the situation “hypothetical.”

“You can have those hypotheticals. It was released, that’s a fact,” said Haley.

“The aid was held up—that is not a hypothetical, right?” Guthrie fired back.

“Was the aid released? It was,” replied Haley.

Viewers took to Twitter, split on the interview, with some saying Guthrie was too harsh on Haley while others said she was just doing her job.

Journalists Yashar Ali and Maria Shiver weighed in:

But some maintained that Guthrie wasn’t fair to Haley:

Others disagreed and applauded Guthrie’s handling of the interview:

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