'Save A Dog, Eat A Chinese' T-shirt is an embarrassing display of racism

Photo via Spreadshirt

A German online store has come under fire for not only selling — but defending the sale of a “Save a Dog, Eat a Chinese” T-shirt.

The offensive tee is being monetized on Spreadshirt, a site that allows customers to create their own designs and sell them online. As a result, “Save A Dog, Eat a Chinese,” created by user Quentin1984, isn’t the only racist T-shirt for sale. You can also find “Save a Shark, Eat a Chinese,” created by user Monigote, or “Engrish Teacher” by Tinybiscuits.

A customized shirt for those who’d like to wear their ignorance. (Photo via Spreadshirt)

The slogan’s blatant ignorance towards Chinese culture has onlookers up in arms — many taking to social media to air their disgust.

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But that hasn’t stopped the online retailer from distributing the garments. Spreadshirt announced on Friday that the T-shirts will remain on their website.

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“After close examination and careful consideration, we have decided, based on our open platform principle, to keep the two designs in question,” the site wrote on Facebook.

This didn’t sit well with the Chinese Embassy in Berlin who’ve reportedly demanded an apology, an explanation and a permanent halt on the shirt sales.

According to the Toronto Sun, the embassy says the shirts are “insulting to China” and should be reversed.

While Spreadshirt will not remove the designs from the site, CEO Philip Rooke says he doesn’t wish to offend anyone: “I apologize to anyone who takes any offence,” he wrote in a statement.

“We do not judge or censor designs based on their phrasing, social or political leanings.”

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