Save Yourself The Hassle Of Cutting Pineapple With One Hack

chopped, halved, and sliced pineapple
chopped, halved, and sliced pineapple - beton studio/Shutterstock

Bursting with flavor and nutrients, pineapple can be a perfect treat for the summer. You can enjoy it as-is, sprinkle it on pizza, mix it into smoothies, or use it in desserts, sauces, and cooked meals. But first, you need to choose the right pineapple and remove its skin without making a mess. While most people would slice or cut the fruit into chunks and then peel the rind, that's not always the best solution.

These tropical fruits have a spiky exterior with a rough texture and can be difficult to handle. If you try to remove the peel with a knife, there's a risk you might hurt yourself. Plus, their tangy juice tends to flow out as soon as you start cutting the fruit, creating a sticky mess. One option is to use a pineapple corer, which would allow you to peel, core, and slice a whole fruit in no time. However, this gadget takes up space and isn't ideal for when you're on the go.

Another solution comes from Liam Donafee, a food blogger and TikTok content creator. The social media star has shared a hack for eating pineapple anytime, anywhere. All you need are your hands and a napkin or kitchen towel.

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The Pineapple Pull-Apart Hack That Will Make Your Life Easier

Pulling a pineapple apart
Pulling a pineapple apart - awanderingcrystal / Instagram

Food blogger Liam Donafee says it's possible to eat a pineapple without using a knife or other tools. First, twist off the top of the fruit to remove the leaves. After that, pull it apart piece by piece with your bare hands. Taylor Johnston, one of the sisters running the Twincoast channel on TikTok, also suggests tapping, twisting, and rolling the pineapple after removing its leaves. This trick is supposed to loosen up the flesh and make it easier to pull apart.

Pineapples consist of several small fruits called fruitlets, which are covered with scales. So, technically speaking, the above method involves pulling the fruitlets apart one by one instead of cutting through them. Donafee's video garnered over 56,000 likes and nearly 400 comments, so there are plenty of folks willing to try out this hack. This makes sense, especially given that cutting a pineapple the traditional way is anything but convenient.

Does The Viral Pineapple Hack Really Work?

chopped pineapple
chopped pineapple - Skwebsolutions/Shutterstock

Pineapple pulling may or may not work, depending on how ripe the fruit is. Unripe pineapples feel hard to the touch and can be difficult to pull apart. But even if the fruit is mature, you might still end up with a juicy mess. Your best bet is to place the pineapple on a cutting board or kitchen towel, remove the leaves, and gently pull the fruitlets apart. If you're on the go, cover your lap with plastic foil to prevent stains. "I've seen it about two years ago on Facebook. Tried it. A bit messy, but it works," one Instagram user said.

Alternatively, try these two methods for slicing a pineapple. Although they require using a knife, they're relatively simple to do. Start by removing the peel and leaves. At this point, the pineapple should look like a cylinder with the core running through the center. Cut it into four sections around the core, lay them flat on a cutting board, and then slice them into bite-sized chunks.

Another option is to buy canned pineapple or pre-cut pineapple spears. These are ready-to-eat and can be a great choice when you're traveling. Canned pineapple is also your best option for upside-down cake because of its juiciness. Plus, it's often sweeter and softer than its fresh counterpart.

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