Scientology creates fake news against Leah Remini and 'Aftermath' contributors

Leah Remini and other former scientologists discussed the Scientologists Take Action Against Defamation or STAND league, which has generated fake Twitter accounts to combat the information on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath with misinformation. Using stock photos of models, they have photoshopped those models as profile pictures for these accounts as STAND account bloggers. There are hundreds of STAND accounts on Twitter and they all tweet the exact same thing simultaneously 24 hours a day.

Remini also assessed the staggering amount of fake news that the Church has come up with against the show's producers and past contributors in the form of smear tactic websites. One former scientologist stated, "Leah has 88 web domains registered against you. Mike Rinder has 25. I myself have ten. My wife has ten. Aaron has seven. And Ron Miscavige, Sr. Has 522. That's David Miscavige's father."

In the end, Remini was appalled at the Church of Scientology's behavior to continue to misguide its members through blatant smear campaign tactics saying, "Scientology is spending its time creating these websites that cost money, getting all of this energy of hate and ridiculousness. If they put that energy into something good, we wouldn't have this program."