Will Scottie Barnes average five assists this season?

Scottie Barnes is more of a primary ball handler this season and he's shown an ability to find his teammates. Can he keep it up? Full episode discussing current trends is available on the 'Raptors Over Everything' podcast feed.

Video Transcript

IMMAN ADAN: And finally, the last one talking about Scottie Barnes. So I threw out game three, his third game of the season because he got injured. And it brought his numbers down, and I didn't like that. So we're going to focus specifically on the two games that he was healthy for.

He averaged 5 assists. And we've talked about Scottie having a different role. Part of that role is to be a secondary ball-handler, kind of your backup point guard, starting center, backup point guard. What can't he do?

And that's going to be playmaking. So what do you think? Do you think that that 5 assists, do you think it's real? Do you think that will continue? Will Scottie finish with 5 assists this season?

KATIE HEINDL: I do. I mean, if we're talking into existence Scottie Barnes, All-Star, it's got to continue, right? He's got to show that kind of a well-rounded player. I think where you've seen the dip of maybe someone like Fred VanVleet shooting, you can attribute that to Scottie Barnes handling the ball more, being more of a playmaker.

I like it. It feels surprising as to how comfortable it appears to be for him. I think, yeah, I think this one can stay. And because it's like, what's realistic for Scottie Barnes to make his next jump?


KATIE HEINDL: It seems like this is a pretty easy low hanging fruit for him to get.

IMMAN ADAN: This is-- yeah, this definitely has to be what it is. And just sort of looking at the numbers, last year Scottie was fifth in terms of usage on this Raptors team.


IMMAN ADAN: It was every single starter before him. So he was like just fifth place, the last starter. And currently he's second in terms of his usage behind Pascal Siakam. That is a major, major jump. The ball is in his hands more. He's being asked to do a lot more. And those hybrid lineups really do start with what Scottie's able to do. His connection with OG has just been fantastic this year.

KATIE HEINDL: Oh, I love it.

IMMAN ADAN: It's been so great. Even just in the last game, I was like, OG really isn't getting as involved. And I'm like, oh, because Scottie is the one who gets him the ball every single time. I would love to take a look at how many of OG's shots have just been Scottie-assisted. But I think that sort of dynamic really works as your play starter and your play finisher.

And so yeah, I agree. I think that Scottie's going to continue to get 5 assists. I think he's going to average 45 points a game and get like 30 rebounds and be the greatest basketball player of all time.

KATIE HEINDL: Super-realistic, very practical, yeah, goals.

IMMAN ADAN: If I'm going to be wrong, I might as well go be wrong big, you know?


IMMAN ADAN: I don't know why five assists is going wrong big.

KATIE HEINDL: Because the truth will fall somewhere in the middle. And then it'll seem like still, what a great surprise.