Scout Willis, 29, vows to 'enjoy my body' and 'celebrate myself' in body-positive photo

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Scout Willis doesn’t want future regrets — she appreciates her beauty now, both inside and out.

The actress, 29, who is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis revealed her preemptive regrets in an Instagram post, the type from which she usually shies away. “I often feel too afraid to post content like this, photos of myself with no greater purpose or significance (to my mind) a story runs that it’s too ego-driven, too selfish, too something...or else it’s that I am not pretty enough, not good enough, not _____ enough,” she wrote as the caption to a few portraits of herself wearing fitted jeans and a blue tube top.

“But I want to interact more for the pure joy of sharing and also of enjoying and feeling myself!” she wrote. “I saw photos of myself from 2013 yesterday and I was like wow, look at that soft, sweet baby with INSANE skin that I took for granted, and judged so harshly. I don’t want to look back in 15 years and feel like I didn’t enjoy my body or celebrate myself for fear of being judged and my internal judgment.”

Scout is the sister of actresses Tallulah Willis, 26 and Rumer Willis, 32, and all three sisters are conscious of media messages that respect body positivity.

Last week, Tallulah re-posted an Instagram post that bore her midriff, after deleting it fearing the imagery would “trigger” her fans.

“I do not mean to trigger, but I also do not feel I want to hide or be ashamed of where I’m at or my process,” she wrote. “I hope to be as transparent as possible. I plead with you, do not see this as inspiration, or a desirable place to end up. See a young woman who is very tired, who lacks energy, who is trying to frantically nourish herself while figuring out how to minimize stress.”

And in May, Rumer filmed an IGTV video titled “Body Love” in which she stood before the camera in a bra and a pair of boxer shorts. “I wanted to be really vulnerable and transparent and talk to you guys about body confidence and share what I look like with no filters no editing...just me,” she wrote in the post.

“Just because I can take a great photo, doesn’t mean that I still don’t have problems,” Rumor said in the video. “...sometimes my stomach isn’t as flat as I want it to be and sometimes I feel like my arms look huge in photos and sometimes I feel like my thighs are massive.” As a celebrity, said Rumer, she is just as prone to Instagram envy.

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