Sebastian Aho fuelled by anger after playoff disappointment

Sebastian Aho says the disappointment and anger he's feeling after the Carolina Hurricanes' season ended in a Game 7 loss to the Rangers will fuel his motivation to work harder in the offseason.

Video Transcript

SEBASTIAN AHO: I mean, still hurts, right? It's going to obviously just going to sting for a while, and yeah, it is what it is. Going to move on but definitely going to remember this feeling for a long time.

- Rod said that in the interview with the all-Star break, he remembered the look on your face after the game last year against Tampa when it all ended as a source of inspiration for him. Where does this compare to that?


- Yeah. How does this compare to the feeling of one thing that--

SEBASTIAN AHO: Probably even worse. Feels yeah-- it's not a great feeling to feel like a missed the opportunity to do something special with this group. And obviously, it's just-- hopefully, these feelings, these experiences is going to help us to next season too. When you remember how bad it feels, and everyone will feel that again. So we go back home, and we get better, and we going to be prepared, and even better players, and have these experiences going to help us to push the next level. And I'm confident that we can do it.

- You've always been a motivated kind of player. The disappointment this year, is something that's going to drive you over the summer you think just to add to that motivation level?

SEBASTIAN AHO: 100%. Absolutely. I mean, just use that anger and just the disappointment to fuel my offseason work for sure, and try to do whatever I can to just be better. It's not necessarily a big difference, but just pushing even one more inch or at least do a little better to be able to come out of this series as a winner.

- So stick with you all the way to training camp next year [INAUDIBLE] the same motivation?


- This one?

SEBASTIAN AHO: Yeah, for sure.

- Do you sense that might be true up and down the lineup of the guys, especially the young core that's coming back? Do you think they're all fueled by a certain frustration like you feel?

SEBASTIAN AHO: Yeah. I mean, this team is very competitive, very hardworking hard working guys and I know that all the guys who who play with us it's just everyone is disappointed, and everyone wants to be better, everyone wants to win. So I know for a fact that the guys are going to come back and be even more hungry.

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