Is the secret to better beauty sleep in your belly? This naturalist believes so.

A range of skin health products from The Beauty Chef. (Photo courtesy of The Beauty Chef)

“Beauty begins in the belly” is the motto of Australian beauty and wellness brand The Beauty Chef, where the chef herself, Carla Oates, concocts natural products for healthy, radiant skin from the inside out.

As the world’s first living skin care range, the supplements created by the former beauty editor identify a breakthrough route to getting glowing skin. By following studies that show the link between the gut, probiotics, and skin health, Oates realized why skin isn’t getting all the care that it deserves. And it all comes down to our bellies.

Carla Oates is the beauty chef behind her namesake brand. (Photo courtesy of The Beauty Chef)

“I know it doesn’t sound very glamorous, but beautiful, glowing skin does begin in your gut,” Oates tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “The skin, hair, and nails are the last places to receive nutrients, as they go to more important organs first, so nutrition and healthy digestion is key. If we’re not getting enough nutrients or digesting our food properly due to poor gut health, our skin literally starves.”

And starving skin is what leads to the problems that many try to treat topically.

For Oates, it was eczema and allergies that she suffered from as a child that wouldn’t let up with any treatment on the market. It wasn’t until she visited a naturopath who drastically changed what she put into her body that Oates noticed a difference reflected in her appearance.

“When I took certain things out of my diet and introduced more whole foods, I saw a dramatic change in my skin. So from quite early on, I had a very good understanding about how food and gut health can affect the skin.”

From the simple knowledge that Oates gained as a young girl trying to get clear skin, she was able to understand how important the body and its processes are to beauty. And from there, her brand took off.

Alongside chemists, naturopaths, and nutritionists, Oates has developed a plethora of organic products dependent on The Beauty Chef’s unique biofermentation process of various natural ingredients. Unlike the benefits that people get from regular supplements and dietary habits, these products work to provide millions and even billions of pre- and probiotics per serving and can be gulped down in a glass of water — something Oates does throughout the day with multiple Beauty Chef products.

“Every morning without fail the first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of filtered water with my GLOW Inner Beauty Powder, which is like your inner beauty moisturizer — it’s your daily beauty blend,” Oates says. “I also mix it with COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost, which is like your internal skin serum. This turbocharges your inner beauty routine.”

Through the years, The Beauty Chef has seen great success with these products, as the GLOW powder remains its bestseller. But in October, the brand released its latest powder in the United States that allows you to get your beauty rest in the most literal sense. Enriched with clove bud, cinnamon, and nutmeg, SLEEP Inner Beauty Powder is perfect in warm nut milk before bed.

The powder was first formulated out of Oates’s concern for the one-third of adults who regularly have trouble going to or staying asleep and has evolved into a product that allows for a restful sleep while your body replenishes itself with antioxidants.

“Like all of our products, the ingredients in SLEEP have been fermented for extra potency,” Oates says. “When you ferment, nutrients are made more bio-available for the skin to use. Our SLEEP product has been granted listed medicine status in Australia because of its therapeutic benefits. The formula also boasts 1.5 billion probiotics per serve.”

Although the data seems too good to be true, Oates assures that the work she’s done and the brand she’s created is on the right track of successfully intertwining beauty and health.

“I feel very passionate about helping to change the paradigm in the beauty industry,” she says. “I’ve made it my mission to educate people that beauty begins in the belly!”

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