The subtle way Meghan Markle will honour Princess Diana on her wedding day

With just over a month to go until the royal wedding, more and more details about the big day are emerging.

And since the couple’s first televised appearance, Markle has been adamant that Princess Diana’s memory would play a role in their wedding celebration.

Recently, Kensington Palace announced that London-based Philippa Craddock will arrange the floral displays for May 19 ceremony — and it’s since been revealed that the flowers will hold a special meaning.

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According to the BBC, Markle will pay tribute to Prince Harry’s mom through her bridal bouquet. Reportedly, Markle will combine peonies — her favourite flower — with white garden roses to represent her late mother-in-law. Foliage from the gardens of the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park will be included in the floral designs, with Kensington Palace confirming the arrangements are meant to represent the wild and natural landscapes from where the plants came.

Meghan Markle’s bridal bouquet will reportedly include white roses to honour Princess Diana. (Getty Images)

White roses are believed to signify purity, virtue, innocence and sincerity — all words that can be applied to the People’s Princess. Plus, it’s widely believed that the white rose was one of Diana’s favourite flowers — and it also draws comparisons to Kensington Palace’s White Garden, which memorializes the former royal.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their wedding in July 1981. (Getty Images)

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This isn’t the only way the Princess of Wales is rumored to be represented at the upcoming royal wedding. According to Elle, it is believed Markle may wear Princess Diana’s family tiara, which she wore to her wedding in 1981. The piece hasn’t been worn in public since her death in 1997.

The tiara was made by Garrads in 1930 and has an elaborate floral design with diamonds. Currently owned by the late princess’s brother, Earl Spencer, it is believed he may loan the tiara to soon-to-be newlyweds for the upcoming nuptials.

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