See an Adorable Little Girl Curtsy to Meghan

Caroline Hallemann
Photo credit: Getty

From Town & Country

While leaving this afternoon's Commonwealth Day service, Meghan Markle met several adorable schoolchildren, one of whom gave her a bouquet of flowers and appears to have curtsied while greeting her. Another wore a small tiara for the occasion. (It might be almost too cute... no, it's perfect.)

Here are a few more photos of the exchange:

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

Despite the fact that Markle has yet to join the royal family (mark your calendars for her wedding to Prince Harry on May 19) and bended knee isn't necessary upon meeting her, this isn't the first time a member of the public has curtsied to the American actress.

While on an official engagement with Prince Harry in Cardiff, Wales in January, Markle was greeted by Morfudd Meredith, the Lord-Lieutenant of South Glamorgan county, who dipped as she shook the soon-to-be-royal's hand.

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