Selena Gomez Wore a ‘God Bless Nasty Women’ Jacket to a Grammys Party

Selena Gomez's jacket had a message. (Photo by Jun Sato/GC Images)
Selena Gomez’s jacket had a message. (Photo: Jun Sato/GC Images)

Selena Gomez was a no-show at the Grammys, but she still showed up to party. As Gomez knows, the best part about skipping the red carpet is ditching the gown. Instead of sporting a red carpet look, she took full advantage of the casual dress code with a fashionable jean jacket that read “God Bless Nasty Women.” What else would you wear to an after-party at 1 Oak hosted by Rihanna?

Judging by the pic spotted on a fan page on Instagram, another member of Gomez’s squad wore a matching look. (Because what’s better than one nasty woman? Two nasty friends.) Let’s hope the Weeknd, who joined her for their first public event as a couple, just accidentally left his own Nasty Woman denim in the car.

Gomez has been dragged by her fans for avoiding the subject of politics, so they’re probably excited to see her make a statement — albeit minor — by stepping out wearing a logo that’s become synonymous with the Clinton campaign. Of course, Rihanna’s own I’m With Her shirt was turned into a pro-Clinton meme this election season. One lesson we can take from Selena: It’s never a bad idea to dress to impress your host.

The jacket doubles as a distraction from the celebrity gossip news of the evening. Everyone from Grammy watchers to Justin Bieber was waiting to see Selena and the Weeknd attend their first event together. Although Gomez skipped her new boyfriend’s Grammys performance, we can’t blame her for meeting him just in time for the after-party. Can you imagine a better place to show off your new man than at a party hosted by Rihanna? We can’t either.

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