Sephora Sale Alert: The Best Gift Sets Are Marked Down for Black Friday

Alexis Bennett

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Go ahead and whip out your credit card because Sephora's Weekly-Wow Sale will make you want to give away all of your coins. The beauty retailer announced early in August that it would bless us on a weekly basis with new deals, but we had no idea that the savings would be this good for Black Friday.

The latest offerings include—wait for it—gift sets. It's the perfect time to rack up on gifts that will leave all of your friends impressed. One of our favorite kits on the roster is the Clarisonic Porefecting Set: Mia 2 and Boscia Best-selling Trio. It includes the oscillating brush tool and a cleanser, gel, and mask that will whip your pores into shape. For a limited time, it will be available for $135. That's a huge steal, especially since it's valued at $202.

Porefecting Set: Mia 2 and Boscia Best-selling Trio


Porefecting Set: Mia 2 and Boscia Best-selling Trio

$135 (Valued at $202) Clarisonic

You might want to sit down because there's another freak-out-worthy brand on the roster. Lancome Merry Mascaras Set is also on sale. This baby is a must-have for making sure your eyelashes are popping at all times. The best part: It will only cost you $25 for four of Lancome's best mascaras and the amazing makeup remover.

Merry Mascaras Set


Lancome Merry Mascaras Set

$25 (Valued at $75)

And there is even a bomb lipstick set marked down right now. Tarte's Limited-Edition Posh Pout Quick Dry & Glossy Lip Set is up for grabs for the low. It includes all of the lippies you'll need to get you through any mood, whether you want to keep things low key with a nude or show out with bold red.

Limited-Edition Posh Pout Quick Dry & Glossy Lip Set


Tarte Limited-Edition Posh Pout Quick Dry & Glossy Lip Set

$29 (Valued at $64) Tarte

You'd better move fast if you want to enjoy all of the amazing gift sets on sale at Sephora because the discounts on these items will be over before you know. And items are already starting to sell out online. So head to Sephora's website or your nearest location—like asap.