Seth Meyers wants the media to stop using certain terms when describing mass shootings

On Tuesday's "Late Night with Seth Meyers," the host discussed Monday's horrific shooting in Colorado which left 10 people dead. Meyers called on his fellow members of the media to boycott certain words and terms when covering similar stories.

"Honestly, when it comes to talking about these things, I think we're all just running out of words," said Meyers. "I think the news media is running out of words but I do think there are some words we can stop using when this happens."

The first word he would like stricken from media lexicon is unimaginable. "That's probably a word we can retire when something happens three or four times a week, it is no longer unimaginable," said Meyers. "Sadly, we're at a place where common sense gun laws and political action are the things that have become unimaginable."

Meyers echoed President Biden's frustration over a lack of sensible gun control legislation, and called for politicians to stop offering prayers and start offering actual measures to curb gun violence.

"We can do away with 'thoughts and prayers,'" said Meyers. "If the best you can muster in response to this kind of horror is to say words inside your own head and nothing more, best to look around. Find someone or some organization that's taking action, and help them instead."