7 nutrient combinations that will up the nutrition quotient of your dish

Gayatri Vinayak

While we all know that fruits, vegetables, legumes and nutrient-rich food are good for us, we often do not realise how certain food combinations can up the nutrition quotient. Known as nutrient pairing, consuming certain food items together increases the bioavailability of certain nutrients and our body is better able to absorb and process the vitamins and minerals present in food.

While how we eat our food is important, what is also equally vital is the way in which our body absorbs the nutrients in it. In the process of cooking and digestion, a lot of the nutrients get lost, or can’t be digested by the body. When paired together, these food items are a whole lot healthier and tastier than when eaten alone.

We take a look at food pairings that help increase the nutritional content of the dish.