Sex Workers Revealed Their Juiciest Secrets While On The Job, And They're Not What You'd Expect

Reddit user Duck_Diggler_ asked the sex workers of the community, "What's your most awkward encounter [you've had] with someone?"

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Welp, they didn't hold anything back, and revealed what being a sex worker is actually like. Their secrets and experiences range from baffling to awkward to unbelievable, and it's beyond eye-opening.

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So, here are some secrets from sex workers that'll most likely change your perception on the profession:

Note: Some submissions include topics of sexual abuse. Please proceed with caution.

1."I had a customer who would always request to buy used condoms from me after I had sex with another dude. He’d pay around $500 for each one for me to mail them to him. I asked him once what he did with them, and he said he would eat the cum. I found it hilarious, but I also wanted to puke at the idea of him eating another man’s old cum."


2."I used to be a cam girl, and the people who I would meet were so wild. One time, I had a 75-year-old guy who just wanted me to watch him vacuum naked. He had a beer in his hand the whole time. He put his camera in the corner, and every five to 10 minutes, he would stop vacuuming and come two inches from his camera. He'd say, 'You still watchin'?!' in a super Southern voice. I'd laugh and say, 'Yep,' and he would continue on. One time, I watched him vacuum for two hours before I finally became so bored that I ended his private chat. It was some bomb-ass money, though — that shit will drive you nuts."


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3."I used to do a lot of phone sex. One morning, I was awoken around 6 a.m. by a phone call from one of my regular's lawyers. They asked that I sign a contract obligating me to effectively be my regular's emotional support animal, internet boyfriend, and therapist for a certain number of hours a week. No sexy talk, mind you. It was emotional reassurance and anxiety-soothing stuff."


4."I was a stripper in the early 2000s. There was a guy who would come into the club with this little white Bichon-type dog strapped to his chest in a baby carrier facing out, and he would buy dances with the dog on him. Another time I was doing my signature move during a lapdance (nipple-twisting the customer in the best way), and I realized my aim was off. I was toying with a huge mole. My favorite customer was a nice older widower. He would pay all the curvy girls to cuddle with him in the private booth. It was nothing sexy — just really intimate positions where he was being held. He was a sweet guy — he even paid full price ($30 a song)."


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5."I once had a man lay down in the shower naked. I was then forced to get naked, get in there, stand up, and pee all over him while he held his mouth open, trying his best to catch it. I did it a few times, but the last time, he begged me to have a bowel movement on his chest. I just could not do that — not even for $300. He was so offended by the fact that I wouldn't do it, he never called me back..."


6."I was working in a nice suburb in D.C. — the guy came to my hotel room, and he looked and seemed 'normal' at first. Then he told me that he was a germaphobe and asked me if it was okay if he wore a special suit that he had made. He had a latex suit with a hole cut out, and he had a bottle of rubber cement to attach the suit to the condom, essentially making a body condom."


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7."I was a stripper. There were several occasions when the guys I was giving a lap dance to or talking to would say, 'You look just like my daughter!' Ew. The head of a dentist's office and his three female oral hygienists came in, and he bought his hygienist's lap dances (and got one himself). He said he 'treats his ladies.' It was a little weird, but to each their own. Also, I worked at a Walmart as a self-checkout host during the day, and I saw the customers’ wives and kids. They either entirely avoided eye contact/physical proximity, or they blatantly came up to me and asked when I worked next when they weren't near their family."


8."I came up to this older gentleman (he was middle-aged, around 50 or so). He said to me, 'You don't know who I am, do you?' I thought he was trying to flirt and played along. Him: 'You were on my daughter's softball team that I coached in junior high.' I awkwardly asked how his daughter was doing, and his response was, 'Here's $20 if you leave me alone.'"


9."I’m on OnlyFans, and once I had a subscriber request a fart video. I’m not necessarily shaming the request itself, but it didn’t stop there. He wanted wet farts specifically. Are there really people out there who can not only fart on command, but can choose what kinda fart comes out??? Needless to say, I declined that request."


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10."I had a guy Venmo me $50 to add him on Snapchat and said he would pay me daily to talk to him. I agreed because it’s money in my pocket, and I’d be stupid to turn that down. Well, I added him on Snapchat, and I saw he had already sent me a video. I opened it up to find a minute-long video of him heavily fucking his pillows and sheets. The video was taken from behind, as it seemed he propped his phone up. So all I saw was his hairy ass and asshole in incredible detail on my phone screen. It was not cleaned very well."


11."He was super financially manipulative (which is something I didn’t realize was a thing until this job). Our 'relationship' (I use that term lightly) started off in a whirlwind. He tipped me probably $250 the first night he came into my cam room, then disappeared for a couple of days. He came back to say he had been in the hospital with COVID and that he was on a ventilator. I called him out for lying and said I would block him. He ended up tipping me $500, so I decided not to block him. After that, he was around daily but started getting really demanding. He was tipping me $150 a night on average, including one night where he tipped me $1,000 (but when he’d tip like that, he’d demand one-on-one time and for me to get off cam)."

"Fast forward — one day, I got a text from his number saying, 'Hey, this is [X's] mom. He is in a psych ward right now, and he wanted me to text you on his behalf.' My response was, 'So, he is in the hospital, and the first thing he thinks to ask his mom is to text a random cam girl? Yeah, sure...'

He ended up admitting to lying, and then I fully blocked him. He still makes new accounts every now and then to tip me. I’ll take the money, but god damn, he was exhausting. So many lies, so much manipulation. Part of me thinks he thought we were dating, but I’d constantly remind him I’m just a fantasy cam girl who wasn't available to date."


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12."I met a very rich businessman from Japan. My friend introduced us, and I then introduced him to another friend. So he was seeing all of us. It got weird because I found out he paid one friend more. I confronted him about it, and he asked if I really thought 'I was worth that much.' That was awkward, and I haven’t done sex work ever since. I miss making thousands in a day, though."

"He’d also comment on my age and weight whenever I saw him, which made things bad for sure. I'd say, 'A lady never reveals her age,' but then he'd show me these common workouts in Japan and feed me healthy meals.

He was honestly a lot of fun, and I do miss him, but I'm pretty sure 30 would be 'pushing it' for his taste."


13."I'm a transgender woman who lives in a very conservative area. So, [my clients] are usually really repressed dudes asking me to blow them for $50. But one time, I got a cisgender woman who offered me $100 to come over, so I was like, yeah — easy money. I get there, and her husband answers the door. I was pretty thrown off, so I was like, oh, I'm here to see so and so. He said she was in the bedroom and to please come in. So I'm pretty sure I'm about to get my organs harvested, but money was tight, so I go in. She's tied up in a chair. She tells me she wants to watch me fuck her husband (as I, a transgender woman without bottom surgery, be the top) while she was tied up, and her husband talked about how great I was."


14."I’m a new online adult content creator. Recently, one of my neighbors found out and has not been shy about making me aware that she knows. The other night, I was up late in my media room (which is at the front of my house), and I started receiving notifications that someone was in my driveway. I ignored it at first, thinking maybe it was another one of my neighbors coming home late from work, but the notifications kept coming. I checked the camera, and the neighbor in question was creeping around in front of my house. I had my blinds drawn, and the glow from the TV attracted her, with her hoping to see me naked/creating content."

"She literally hung around the front of my house like a zombie from Resident Evil for 10 minutes before I called her out for being creepy.

I will admit, it’s my own fault for allowing myself to be caught by her on a few occasions in full view, naked in my kitchen/dining room (she could see over my back/side fence), and also wearing a g-string in my back yard hanging up the laundry. However, this still got on my nerves."


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15."I was a dancer in college located in the city where my uncle was a cop. He and his buddies came in one night for a bachelor party. We saw each other at the same time, and all I could say was, 'Please don't tell my daddy you saw me in here!' He replied, 'Don't tell your daddy you saw me in here, either!' I was able to sit out the entire time they were there (and hung out with them in an evening gown, lol) and had my friends dance for them...what a night!"


16."I was a very active cam girl. I had my own state blocked out as I lived in a small town at the time. I went to IHOP with a friend, her boyfriend, and his friend. I was wearing this pair of rainbow-framed eyeglasses that I typically would only wear while camming. During our time there, this guy would not stop staring at me to a borderline creepy extent. After two hours of this, I finally asked him why he was staring at me like that. He asked me if I was familiar with the site name I cammed on, and my whole body froze. He caught on and immediately shouted, 'OH MY GOD, IT IS YOU!' Turns out he was from out of state and was a frequenter in my cam rooms. I made his life, and he made all of IHOP stare at me, trying to figure out why this poor man was 'fangirling' in the middle of the restaurant."


17.And finally, "I worked in a brothel for almost a year. A guy came in and 'selected me' (he was weirdly awkward and shy, as other girls said they had seen him before), and we went up to a room. We had a very strict policy about health checks, so I asked him to take his pants down. He hesitated, and I thought, 'Oh, boy, he's got something.' I asked him again, and he finally slowly started to take his pants down. He mumbled, 'I may have one pimple.' I told him okay, but I'd have to see it anyway. It was the WORST case of warts I have ever seen, in real life or a health book. I couldn't even see his skin. I almost threw up, but I kept it professional and said, 'I'm sorry, I can't service you today. Have you seen a doctor?' He mumbled and said, 'Yes, he said it was fine.' Eye roll."

"I said, 'Sir, you have genital warts. No legal brothel will accept you. You can get a full refund downstairs.' I opened the door and waited for him to walk out into the hallway. He stood there for the longest time before pulling his pants up — it was agonizingly awkward. He was going red.

I kept it friendly and walked down the stairs after him (THIS IS WHERE IT GETS WORSE). I went to reception with him and had to stay by his side, as the receptionist tried to refund him, but the machine was broken. I had to explain it was a failed health check, and he was even more embarrassed. I was dying inside. Luckily, the receptionist saw my discomfort, and she told me to go back to the backroom.

I watched on the camera as his card was declined (or vice versa). It was a full 10 minutes before he left. It's not the worst experience, but definitely very cringey (we then wiped down everything he touched)."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE, which routes the caller to their nearest sexual assault service provider. You can also search for your local center here