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It is the literary event of 2019 and 34 years in the making: The Testaments, Margaret Atwood’s sequel to her dystopian feminist classic The Handmaid’s Tale is finally out in the world (a week after Amazon’s embargo-busting snafu.) Fans around the globe were attending launches on Monday and Tuesday to finally get their hands on a copy and discover the fate of Gilead, Atwood’s vision of a theocratic future America.

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Critics have lined up to give their reviews – including Anne Enright in the Guardian, who wrote: “The Testaments is Atwood at her best, in its mixture of generosity, insight and control. The prose is adroit, direct, beautifully turned. All over the reading world, the history books are being opened to the next blank page and Atwood’s name is written at the top of it. To read this book is to feel the world turning, as the unforeseeable shifts of the last few years reveal the same old themes.”

But we want to hear your reviews. Are you a long-time Atwood fan? Have you only discovered her since The Handmaid’s Tale TV show? Give us your verdict in the form below – we will feature some of the best contributions.

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