Fall in Love With Gentle Monster X D’Heygere's Jewelry-Infused Eyewear Collaboration

Gentle Monster and D'heygere have merged their creative identities to redefine the world of eyewear. The mastery of the French fashion accessory brand D'heygere in jewelry, combined with Gentle Monster's original eyewear designs, has resulted in a collection that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

In this collaboration, eyewear takes on a new dimension with temples adorned by rings and earrings, transforming the frames into magnificent jewelry pieces. This fusion breathes fresh life into the realms of fashion and accessories, providing wearers with an unparalleled avenue for self-expression.

Stephanie D'heygere, the Belgian creative director, noted in the collection notes: "This collaboration embarks on a unique journey of merging frame and jewelry as a unified structure, going beyond mere attachment." Their artistic vision elevates conventional jewelry eyewear to unparalleled heights.

The campaign unfolds with a whimsical wedding ceremony, symbolizing the profound connection between Gentle Monster and D'heygere, bridging the geographical gap between Seoul and Paris. Their partnership transcends physical limitations, highlighting their artistic synergy.

On July 6, the highly anticipated collection and campaign by Yis Kid will make its global debut and will be available online and at Gentle Monster and D'heygere's physical stores.

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