'This is my reality': Father's post explaining why he won't walk around his neighbourhood alone goes viral

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    California has a lot of issues, but it’s also one of the most diverse states in the country. At my last job, a mid-size start up, with 200-300 people, wenonce counted we had people working there from almost 30 countries around the world. All religions were also pretty much represented. My son, who is half Asian/white, grew up with an equally diverse crowd, of all colors and religions. Seldom did I or my son and his friends ever witness much shaming over a persons skin color or religion!
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    I used to walk to school. I grew up white in Balatimore city. I had to pass areas I didn't necessarily like but I did it anyways. Not everyone was friendly although some certainly were. There's good and bad in all groups
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    I graduated with my dear friend who happens to be black, and was our Class President, in a mostly white suburb of Northern Virginia. In 1988. That's right. 1988. The ONLY change today is social media amplifying one-off events and causing strife across this Nation. Police and the people of Virginia, DC, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, and every other city in the USA had NOTHING to do with the tragic murder of George Floyd. I'm not tone deaf. I was 'woke' long before most of you were born. Social media has become the undoing of society. Let a conviction, a trial, a jury handle this. Next? Report bad cops locally. You are hurting people - black and white - who have long looked beyond racism and are trying to live their best life possible. Not a single black family in our neighborhood is afraid to walk, run, play, or enjoy their life. Their kids don't see themselves as victims. They see themselves as kids, they have role models - black and white - who are astronauts and pilots, doctors, engineers, lawyers, business people. Famous athletes and actors do not inspire them - they serve as entertainment. These kids aspire to truly make a difference.
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    366 FW Gunfighter
    I walk around my neighborhood with my friend, Samuel Colt.
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    A Los Angeles man has written a viral Facebook post in which he explains why he has never taken a walk alone in his own neighborhood.
    Author and keynote speaker Shola Richards, 45, admitted that he is 'scared to death' to walk alone in his neighborhood without his dog and his daughters, Kaya, 11, and Nia, 8, walking along side him.
    Because while he is viewed as a doting father and pet owner when his girls and his pup are beside him, he said, when he is alone, all some white people see are a tall, athletic black man seemingly 'walking around in a place where he doesn’t belong.'......
    Black father says he's 'scared' to walk alone hear his LA home
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    What Now?
    I have to wonder if Mr. Richards has taken the time to meet his neighbors or spend any time with them in the four years he's lived there. People that know their neighbors generally feel the same comfort walking through their neighborhood as they do their own home.

    And while knowing that all of your neighbors may not be essentially good people, at least you would know to avoid that house while walking alone. You never know... he might actually find a good friendly neighbor that would walk with him. Then again... he could always capitalize on his author skills and be writing purely fiction looking for notoriety.
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    So, in short, he is asking to end the divide by explaining how he perpetuates the divide in his own head? That's some deep physiological mind games there. Has he talked to his neighbors? Has be loved them as he wishes to be loved?

    We create the world around us. The mind is a powerful tool. If you tell yourself x is true, eventually x will be a reality.

    How about this, how about some positivity. How about creating the change in yourself first before you ask it from others? How can people accept you as a member of their community of you see them all as evil beings that want to end your life? Who's fault is that? Again, have you talked to them? Waved? Said good morning? Had a cook out? Shared a drink?
    Or shuned, avoided, isolated yourself from them? And they in return reciprocated your own actions?
    Have you given them the same chance you want them to give you? By your own words you haven't. So you assume they judge you. You assume your aren't safe. You assume they don't accept you. Yet by your own actions you have not only done exactly the same things you blame them for, but have made it impossible for anyone to initiate the change you seek, yourself included. Creating, by your own actions the exact opposite of what you are asking for.

    Yes, we are all human, yes their are bad humans, but if you approach everyone and everything as bad, well guess what, that is all you will get in return, the bad, a true reflection of your perception.
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    Its interesting that the article is suppose to be about this man fearing for his life but it was written by Yahoo Canada Style and seems to be more about what he is wearing?
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    i do notice that people come in different colours, but personally I discriminate between those that are good and those that are evil, and you have both in all colours...good people can co-exist peacefully with good people regardless of race/colour, but it's the evil ones that like to stir up strife
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    the narrative never ends. they want you divided. if you haven't woken up to that the last week, you never will.