Shop a Secret Sale on the Classic (and Controversial) Designer Tote Bags Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lopez Use

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Longchamp Rue La La Sale
Longchamp Rue La La Sale

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Longchamp bags are controversial in that you either really love them or really hate them. Chances are if you bring them up in conversation, everyone will not only know exactly what you're talking about, but also have a visceral response.

When starter packs got memed, Longchamp bags were prevalent in many of them. People associate personality with these nylon tote bags so much that the bags took on a life of their own. If you're from a certain era, to own one meant being a college campus stereotype. But at the same time, the Longchamp Le Pilage tote is popular and beloved by royalty like Kate Middleton (and ex-royalty like Meghan Markle) because it's so practical. And if you think it's dated, just look at Jennifer Lopez, who has been spotted carrying the mini Le Pilage bag.

The classic bag fits a large amount of stuff, is made of nylon so that it's easy to clean, and is subtle enough to not distract from an outfit. It's also considerably affordable at just $140, but thanks to a secret sale at Rue La La, they're now just $110.

Best Longchamp Rue La La Sale Deals

Regardless of how you feel about Longchamp bags, a discount is a discount, and it's hard to feel a visceral reaction to a sale that isn't absolute joy. Rue La La offers some of the best under-the-radar discount on designer items, and all you have to do to access them is sign up for a free membership. At this sale, you can score a Le Pilage bag for a bit less, as well as a higher-end Longchamp bag for hundreds less, and a lot more stuff in between, as the list above shows.

As Kelly Ripa recently demonstrated, oversized practical bags are all the rage right now; micro bags are just not it. So let's all lean into this useful trend when we need it most — and thank Rue La La for the discount while we're at it.

Shop the best Longchamp deals at Rue La La here.

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