Shoppers Say This Ultra-Light Hair Dryer Has Lasted Them Over a Decade

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Shoppers Say This Ultra-Light Hair Dryer Has Lasted Them Over a Decade
Shoppers Say This Ultra-Light Hair Dryer Has Lasted Them Over a Decade

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Generally speaking, we expect to replace a hair tool once every five or six years (alas, the same goes for phones and computers. Damn you, planned obsolescence). A good hair dryer might not cost the Alaska-sized chunk of change that an electronic goes for, but luxury hair tools are an investment just the same — so when celebrity-cherished hair tool brand T3 put one of its hair dryers on sale, we felt the pull in our soul. The cherry on top? Shoppers say the dryer in question lasts them over a decade.

To be exact, one Nordstrom shopper spent all of 14 years with their T3 Featherweight Folding Compact Hair Dryer, writing in a review that it stuck with them through living overseas in two different countries. Like a beloved pet, they wrote, it was finally laid to rest after a life well lived. Not quite like a pet, they immediately went online and replaced it with the same model, the "best hair dryer ever" from a brand with celebrity fans in Reese Witherspoon and Amal Clooney, plus Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid's hair stylist, Laura Polko (the queen of tousled, satiny waves).

Shop now: $100 (Originally $150); and

The beauty of the Featherweight Folding Dryer isn't just in how long it lasts, but in how well it does its job. Nordstrom shoppers say that while it's only a sliver of a normal dryer's weight at 13.9 ounces, it's just as powerful as a full-size dryer and dries "long, wavy" hair in under 10 minutes. On Sephora, shoppers enthuse about how quickly it dries their hair without frizz. It's so lightweight that even shoppers with "painful arthritis" say it's easy to hold in a Nordstrom review, which is a beautiful endorsement for those of us who get tired of holding a dryer with our hair halfway finished.

Travel dryers as a category are usually a let-down, most of them more akin to the '90s models stocked in hotel rooms than anything you'd want to use daily. T3's is the exception: "Every travel dryer I've used until now has left my hair frizzy and damaged," one Nordstrom shopper wrote. "This one is worth the money. My hair was left shiny, bouncy, and smooth!"

Shoppers go so far as to call the dryer “a real powerhouse,” writing that even though it’s a travel dryer, it’s their go-to whether at home or not. More shoppers write that it dries their hair in seconds rather than hours, and switching to it fixed their fried, frizzy ends.

Person upon person writes that the dryer is worth every penny — but for a limited time, you can save some of those pennies for your planned obsolescence fund (or, retirement). The dryer is currently 33 percent off, down to $100 from its original $150 price. It's too early to tell whether we'll be traveling anywhere in 2021, but with a 13.9-ounce dryer, we'll be happy doing home blowouts until travel restrictions are lifted.

Shop more customer-loved T3 hair tools below, including T3's similarly light SinglePass Compact Travel Straightening & Styling Flat Iron, the brand's Volumizing Hot Rollers, and its BodyWaver Clip Barrel Curling Iron for Waves and Volume, all on sale.

Shop now: $75 (Originally $89);

Shop now: $100 (Originally $119);

Shop now: $130 (Originally $160);

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