'One of the best I've ever seen': Junos host Simu Liu has perfect response to topless streaker, scandalous Toronto mayors

The Canadian actor said 'Sorry about the boobs', keeping things light and engaging - even after an awkward moment on stage

Toronto's Simu Liu proved he's more than just a Marvel action super star, after hosting the Juno Awards on Monday. He also verified that he can expertly take jabs at politicians who find themselves making international headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While hosting Canada's biggest music event, which took place at Rogers Place in Edmonton, the actor made a point to shout out the city's mayor, Amarjeet Sohi, in his opening monologue. He then shifted the focus to the legacy left behind from some of the Six's recent mayors, namely John Tory and the late Rob Ford.

"As a Torontonian myself, how do I put this? We have a bit of a thing when it comes to mayors," Liu jokes. "Let me just say how refreshing it is to see a mayor not do crack in an underpass or engage in a very uncomfortable sex scandal. Toronto should take note."

Ford was famously exposed smoking crack on video, while Tory recently stepped away from public office after news broke that he'd had an affair with a younger member of his staff.

On Twitter, some users appreciated the dig.

Others were impressed by Liu's many talents, which included singing, playing guitar, dancing and travelling swiftly between Los Angeles' Oscars parties on Sunday to Edmonton overnight.

Some were quick to note how impressed they were with the way Liu kept things light after a topless protestor rushed the stage while Avril Lavigne was presenting an award. The woman had "Save the Green Belt" written on her body, likely in reference to the planned development of Ontario's Greenbelt region.

Lavigne was later the recipient of the TikTok Juno Fan Choice Award and made a point to address the flasher who crashed the stage.

“Now nobody try anything this time," she said. "I’ll f–k a bitch up."

This is the second year in a row that Liu has hosted the awards ceremony.