Skateboard ramp builder reveals genius tape measure hacks: ‘This was genuinely so useful’

Skateboarder and TikToker Cory Keen, founder of Keen Ramps (@keenramps), shared some genius tape measure hacks that will make tackling your next DIY project a little less stressful.

When it comes to DIY projects, taking precise measurements is crucial. That’s why Keen recently shared a handful of tape measure hacks that he uses when designing skateboard ramps. The mind-blowing hacks are perfect not only for building skate ramps but also for DIY projects of all kinds.

“Four things you didn’t know about your tape measure,” the TikToker and ramp builder says as the video begins. Then, he launches into his list.

First up, Keen reveals that you can use the body of the tape measure when taking measurements.

“There’s a number on the back or the side of your tape measure,” he says, showing off a tape measure. “In this case, it’s three and a half inches. That is exactly how big the tape measure is.”

This information is particularly useful, he explains, for taking “inside measurements” — i.e., measurements of the interiors of structures. “Instead of bending your tape and getting an approximate measurement, you’re able to pull to the top and then use the dimensions of your tape measure,” he reveals.

Second, the builder shows how you can use the hole at the end of your tape measure.

“This little hole on the end of the tape measure actually serves a purpose. It’s meant to hook a nail or a screw,” he explains. “Let’s say you have to get a measurement and you’re by yourself and you don’t want to have to walk over and cross reference. You can put in a nail or a screw, hook the tape measure through there and get your measurement.”

Not only that, but the hole at the end of the tape measure can also be used to draw a perfect circle. Simply hook the tape measure onto a nail or screw, then attach a pen to the other end. Move the tape measure around the nail to “scribe a perfect radius.”

Finally, the builder explains that the slot at the end of the tape measure actually makes measurements more precise.

“The slot at the end of the tape measure is not a design flaw,” he explains, noting that the first inch on a tape measure is not a “true” inch but is actually 1/16 shy of an inch to accommodate the 1/16 metal end.

‘This was genuinely so useful’

Viewers were impressed by the ramp builder’s in-depth knowledge of tape measures.

“I don’t even own a tape measure but I feel like I should go buy one now,” one TikToker wrote.

“I will never use this new knowledge, but I still appreciate it,” another viewer joked.

“This was genuinely so useful,” commented another TikToker.

Who knew tape measures were such complex tools?

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