The Skillet Hack That Keeps Your Burrito From Falling Apart

toasted burritos stacked on plate
toasted burritos stacked on plate - Jukov studio/Shutterstock

Sometimes, the simplest things can give you the most trouble. Take, for example, folding a burrito. Well, not actually folding it. That is pretty easy. However, folding it so it stays together is another story. A burrito really doesn't taste the same when you have to eat it with a fork. It is important to construct your Mexican food masterpiece so it doesn't come apart when you take that first bite -- or any bite, for that matter.

The secret (or, at least, the skillet part of the secret) is to use a little heat as your finishing move. While your folding, rolling, and tucking may be flawless, if your bundle of savory joy bursts at the seams, all that hard work is for naught. The trick to keeping it together is to place your finely folded burrito face down in a hot skillet just long enough to seal in the contents.

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The Burrito Skillet Hack: Step-By-Step

child with burrito and thumbs-up
child with burrito and thumbs-up - Jacek Chabraszewski/Shutterstock

Heat-sealing your burrito is an effective way to achieve a mess-free meal. However, that is only the last step. There are a few other things you must do to help ensure that the seal will hold.

The first step is the same as the last step: To make your tortilla more pliable, you need to heat it a little. You can do this in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Be careful not to overcook. The idea is to make it softer, not harder. You can also do this in a skillet. And don't skimp on size. If you're hungry, you want to use a big one, at least 12 inches, because that gives you the room to stuff and fold.

When building your burrito, line your ingredients down the center of the tortilla. You can pack it, but just make sure there's not so much filling that you can't roll the burrito closed. Fold in the sides and roll up the bottom. Don't be afraid to roll tightly, as this will help hold everything together. For the top, pinch the corners in before folding down. Once you have a perfect pouch, place it on the skillet for that finishing touch.

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