‘Slick Greg Brady vibes’ ooze from this California home for sale. Check out the inside

A vivacious house for sale in sunny Los Angeles is considered “one of the last true mid-century classics” and is turning heads on a popular social media real estate account.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom estate was designed by Harold B. Zook and is listed for $2.85 million. While the exterior is a marvel all on its own, the interior is a technicolor throwback with each room a different shade of the rainbow.

“Floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room open to an incredible view of Los Angeles, with the downtown skyline prominently displayed,” the listing on Zillow.com said. “This home has been reimagined in an incredible array of vibrant colors illuminating the original details while sweeping you away to another era.”

Features include:

  • Restored pool

  • Air conditioning

  • Climbing wall

  • Fireplace

  • Indoor/outdoor floor plan

Thanks to its iridescent interior, fans of Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page and Twitter account that highlight unique houses for sale, zoomed in on how special the 2,700-square-foot residence really is.

“This house is invoking some pretty slick Greg Brady vibes in some rooms—and Don Draper home in others,” one person observed. “Usually I’m like ‘why so many different colors’—but this house balances this well.”

“Places like this make my heart so happy,” another commented. “Like, it’s your home, it’s yours, just have fun, go nuts, play, be bold. I love it!”

“This is a guilty pleasure house. I love it,” someone said.

“I’m not a fan of MCM. But this is an outstanding job of preserving the past, while integrating with the present,” one person noted.

“I’m not one for color, but this place is swanky. I’d live in it!” another gushed.

Is it loud? Yes. Would I live there? Also yes. With sunglasses on,” someone tweeted.

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