Slipping down the stairs never looked funnier on 'This Week in Game Shows'

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Japanese game shows are the pinnacle of broadcasted wackiness, and this week a clip of a group of contestants who have to climb a slippery staircase went viral. And as frustrating as it is for the climbers, it is exponentially funnier for the viewers. Watch the full clip here — it’s totally worth all nine minutes and 12 seconds :

Over on Family Feud — another standby source of hilarity — Steve Harvey has to contend with Thelma, a contestant who refuses to get her mind out of the gutter. When Steve asks the admittedly leading question “Give me something a police officer in a nudist colony might be wearing?” Thelma quips, “His big stick.” Steve mugs for the camera, per usual, then asks for clarity, which gives Thelma even more ammunition. She says, “They all walk around with one everywhere they go; it hangs on their body — big stick, Steve!”

And since Family Feud is truly the gift that keeps on giving, Harvey is confronted with another contestant who hears Steve’s question, thinks about Steve’s question, and completely ignores Steve’s question. He asks, “Tell me a country where you think the men are sexier than American men.” The contestant, Roberta, briefly pauses and then proudly says, “The United States of America!”

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