Will Smith's Role In New Video Game Looks Oddly Familiar

Will Smith is making the leap to video games as a playable character in the upcoming post-apocalyptic survival game “Undawn” — and fans can’t help but notice a similarity to one of his most famous film roles.

A teaser trailer for the game dropped on Wednesday showing the 54-year-old, who plays a survivor named Trey Jones, making his way through a dilapidated city as he wards off the undead with rounds of bullets.

In the one-minute clip, Smith’s Jones showcases his stealthy combat moves and a pretty stacked arsenal of weapons, while confidently taking down a slew of bloodthirsty mutants.

Fans of Smith will recall the actor starred in the hit 2007 film “I Am Legend,” in which he played struggling scientist Robert Neville, who ventures around New York City to find a cure after a human-caused plague morphs the world’s remaining humans into ravenous mutants.

“Undawn,” an open-world survival RPG, is similarly set in the years after a global disaster. Smith’s character Jones will serve as a guide who helps other survivors navigate the post-catastrophe world.

“In this new civilization, players will explore an expansive open world filled with diverse environments such as plains, mines, deserts, swamps, and abandoned cities, each with unique ecosystems and dangers,” the game’s synopsis says.

Smith also posted a separate trailer for “Undawn” Wednesday on Facebook, with the message: “They put me in a video game!!”

The live-action trailer opens with the actor teasing a tropical destination where guests are “free to go anywhere.” However, the moment quickly takes a turn once he unveils the catch that guests have to deal with: ferocious zombies.

Elsewhere in the extended clip, the actor leads a pack of survivors as they prepare to face off against a gang of hungry mutants. As the undead creatures feast on an unlucky soul, Smith tells them, “We are not your dinner,” before cracking one of them across the face with a baseball bat.

Smith’s post thanked the video game developers LightSpeed Studios and Level Infinite.

After the game’s trailer hit the internet, fans voiced their excitement and were quick to point out the “I Am Legend” angle.

“Undawn” will be available on iOS, Android and PC devices on June 15.