Smooth and steady Joseph Woll giving Leafs hope

Rookie goaltender Joseph Woll stopped 24 of 25 shots to help Toronto take the second-round series with the Florida Panthers home for Game 5.

Video Transcript

- Star performer is definitely the Joseph Brick Woll, or the Stone Woll I've also seen some of these fans call him, which he seems like such a breath of fresh air, you know? Like, we're used to seeing the goalies that are sometimes sporadic, sometimes calm, maybe all-- their sporadic all the time, but, just, he looks so calm and collected and poised.

There's just no sense of danger. Like, when a shot goes on net, I have the belief he's going to save it. And, again, he's also starting to show his confidence a little bit too. He's really good with his goalie stick. Like, he poked checked a couple of chances away before they even made it on net. And, again, he has the confidence to go out, grab the puck in the corner, make those plays. No, not always go for a face off.

Yeah, there are some times where a face off is good, but there's also sometimes the Leafs are kind of getting drilled-drilled in the face-off the dot, instead, he plays the puck. You know, Matthews didn't have the best time in the face-off dot in this game. And, also, sometimes, the Panthers are kind of playing to that. They're trying to play to that point of forcing the goalie to freeze the puck so they get a face off, so they can have some type of play and score from that. And Woll's is keeping the play going.

So I don't know. I wasn't concerned when Woll got the start for game 4 because I've seen what he's done all season. I give-- the least we're going to lose this game, it definitely wouldn't have been because of Woll. He didn't-- he's not-- he wasn't the reason they lost game 3. And if he is on this positive trajectory of calm goaltending, and, again, the Leafs in front of him are doing a great job as well blocking shots and keeping chances to the outside. If that play style and Joseph Woll's confidence come together, I don't know. Who knows. But overall, Woll's been amazing.