Snapchat and Amazon team up for AR shopping, starting with eyewear

Amazon Fashion can update pricing and availability on its lenses in real time.

Dado Ruvic / reuters

Snap has been using Snapchat lenses to help people virtually try on clothes for a while, and the company has teamed up with another notable partner. Users will soon be able to see how eyewear styles from Amazon Fashion look on their face before ordering a pair.

You’ll be able to try these augmented reality lenses via the @amazonfashion profile, the Lens Explorer (in the For You and Dress Up tabs) or the Snapchat Camera Lens Carousel. The Amazon Fashion profile includes a Shop tab, where you can browse a wide variety of eyewear styles and perhaps buy a pair.

The companies worked on 3D asset standards that work with Snap's AR Try-On tech. Using Amazon's 3D Asset technology and lenses, they're able to offer Snapchat users dynamically updated information, including an up-to-date selection of eyewear, product details and availability. So if the price of a product changes or it sells out, Amazon will be able to update the lenses in real time with that info.

You’ll be able to virtually try on eyewear from brands including Maui Jim, Persol, Oakley and Costa Del Mar. Snap and Amazon plan to expand the partnership to other categories of apparel in the future.