‘SNL’ Spoofs Finger-Wagging Fran Drescher as She Admonishes ‘Adorable Scabs’ for ‘Barbie’ Halloween Costumes (Video)

Saturday night’s Halloween-themed “Saturday Night Live” didn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at Fran Drescher, SAG-AFTRA president, in the wake of recently issued guidelines for Halloween costumes worn by union members. In a trick-or-treating sketch, SNL’s Sarah Sherman plays Drescher as she tells kids how to adapt their movie-themed costumes per the new rules.

Mocking SAG’s guidelines that instructed SAG-AFTRA members not to dress up as characters from movies or TV shows that belong to the studios they’re striking against, Sherman refers to kids dressed as Black Panther, Barbie, and Spider-Man as “adorable scabs” before she introduces alternative costumes like “Harry Potter as described only in the books” and even a Yoda substitute because, “Unfortunately, this year, you can’t be Yoda but you can be Hoda [Kotb].”

Sherman’s Drescher added that “small adjustments” for any kid who wants to go as Wolverine for Halloween can “just drop the claws and you’re any gay guy over 50.”

On Oct. 20, SAG-AFTRA told striking actors they should consider dressing up as “non-struck content.” The guidance included, “Let’s use our collective power to send a loud and clear message to our struck employers that we will not promote their content without a fair contract!”

The sketch didn’t only poke fun at the union’s demands.

After the children exited, Sherman faced a camera and said, “Negotiating with the studios is a lot like trick-or-treating. You know how you go to the biggest house on the block, and all the lights are off, and they are pretending that they are not home? But you can see them through the window eating Kit Kat bars, dozens of Kit Kat bars, billions of Kit Kat bars, record numbers of Kit Kat bars. All us actors are saying, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar,” she concluded.

Watch the sketch in the video above.

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