Snooki Fires Back at Mom Shamers

Maggie Parker

will own up to a lot of poor choices she’s made — getting drunk and stumbling onto the beach, showing her “kooka” in a club, etc. — but she will not let you judge her parenting. The reality TV party girl turned mommy blogger posted a boomerang on Instagram over the weekend of her showing off a maxi dress she designed. Her son was throwing a fit in the background, and her caption was, “Sunday funday! Don’t mind my tantrum kid in the back. ( Floral Maxi dress @thesnookishop ).”

Unfortunately, less attention was spent on the dress, and more was spent on Lorenzo. Followers were quick to critique the mother of two. “Get Him Off The Floor,” wrote one person. “Can’t be sanitary for ya boy to mop your bathroom floor wit his body. Unless that was his punishment for the tantrum. I’d do the same I think,” another commenter said. “Why that kid on the floor tho,” asked another.

Just like she did her probably whining child, Snooki ignored the haters. Except a few that clearly really got to her. To one person, whose comment has since been deleted, she responded: “@mlr3480 pay attention to my kids? Excuse me but are you in my house seeing what kind of mother I am? Go enjoy your Sunday instead of talking shit to me on an instagram photo. ”

Another commenter irked her even more. So much so that she took a screenshot of the comment and posted it on her Instagram. “To bad they never go out and do anything your always posting how they are at home always watching TV eating pizza and sitting on ipads…not sure how that makes for a great mom,” the culprit wrote.

“This comment though. I’m just gonna leave this here. Mom shaming at its finest! ????????‍,” she began, followed by a bunch of hashtags that proved the troll wrong. “#SorryIDontPostMyKids247 #MindYourBizzzzz #MyKidsGoToSchoolEveryday #LorenzoDoesWrestling #GiovannasInDance #MyKidsPlayOutside #TheyJustGotIPadsLastWeek #WeLovePizza.” With the last one, she lightened it up a bit and let her lovable humorous flag fly. “#TheyTechnicallyDontSitOnTheirIPads.” Can’t argue with that.

And remember the time she did planks with Giovanna on her back? Yeah…clearly they don’t spend all their time “sitting on their iPads.”

All Snooki was trying to do was show off her $53 long sleeve black, green and pink Floral Maxi Dress from The Snooki Shop, and she was met with so much mom shaming.

Luckily, most of the comments were actually positive, and many followers rushed to her aid. “ignore these losers! Those beautiful smiles on your babies tell how much their loved! All kids have tantrums this is a cute picture to show him when he is older! Lol,” one ally wrote. “Really the only tantrum that anyone should be worried about is the tantrum mommy might have. Otherwise, ignore!” another wrote. Others just gushed about the dress. “Love that maxi! You look great :-),” someone commented. “I WANT THAT DRESSSS.. SO CUTE,” another wrote.

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