Snow delays Yankees home opener until Tuesday

Baseball evokes memories of spring and summer, of blue skies and bright sun, of sunglasses and sunscreen and hot days spent at the ballpark. But it’s easy to forget that the start of the baseball season is closer to winter than it is to summer, so the weather doesn’t always cooperate at the beginning of the season.

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The New York Yankees have their home opener scheduled for Monday, or they had it scheduled for Monday. New York woke up with snow falling from the sky and several inches of it already on the ground, so the Yankees had no choice but to postpone the game.

No baseball, especially this early in the season, is disappointing. But the pictures and videos from Yankee Stadium are pretty wild. How often do you see a baseball field covered in snow in April?

An early April snowstorm in New York put a damper on the Yankees’ plans for the home opener.  (AP Photo)

Yup, that looks like perfect baseball weather. If you’re a baseball-playing penguin. Which is something a lot of people would probably pay to see.

Yankees fans will have to wait just one more day for the official debut of Giancarlo Stanton at Yankee Stadium. The team has already announced that the game has been rescheduled for 4 p.m. on Tuesday. The weather report for Tuesday and Wednesday is full of rain, but at least that’s better than snow.

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