Social Media Spots Startling Message in Melania Trump’s Hot-Pink Debate Outfit

Melania Trump wore a bright pink silk crepe de chine top with a “pussy-bow” and matching bottoms to Sunday night’s debate. (Photo: Getty Images)

Was Melania Trump subtly signaling her support for Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through her wardrobe choice this evening?

That was the speculation by the wardrobe-readers on Twitter.

Mrs. Trump, a former model and the wife of Republican nominee and former reality television personality Donald Trump, wore a hot-pink high-neck pussy bow blouse by Gucci, which retails for $1100, and matching pants, to Sunday night’s town hall debate held at Washington University in St. Louis.

Melania Trump shakes hands with Bill Clinton at the second presidential debate on Sunday evening. (Photo: Getty Images)

The color and style are both ones that are frequent favorites of Clinton’s, Donald Trump’s rival for the presidency, which led plenty on Twitter to speculate that Mrs. Trump is, in fact, #WithHer.

While we may never know exactly why Mrs. Trump refused to participate in a joint interview with her husband following the leak of a 2005 tape in which he describes acts of sexual violence he has performed on women, we do know that at the second debate, she ensured that all eyes were on her.