Sofia Vergara on women in 2019: 'We deserve as much as everyone'

The women’s movement has continued to skyrocket in 2019, with more women taking control of everything from Congress to their reproductive rights. But for women in Hollywood, it seems the work has just begun. Ahead of International Women’s Day, Yahoo Entertainment asked a range of female celebrities what they hope for this coming year — and their answers were mixed.

“Women’s voices are being listened to, but we still have a way to go,” says Gemma Chan, star of Captain Marvel. “Women can’t do this on their own, we need our male allies. For me, it’s not about men versus women, it’s about us all working to improve a system that actually oppresses us all.” Co-star Brie Larson echoes these thoughts. “There’s a lot of work to do,” Larson tells Yahoo Entertainment. “It’s not something we can start to celebrate as being … done.”

Chloë Grace Moretz, star of thriller Greta, says she believes we need to “put power” into women’s hands through filmmaking, directing and writing roles. But Modern Family star Sofia Vergara says we need to be careful about making sweeping promises. “I don’t believe that women should be given anything just because they’re women,” says Vergara. “We’re supposed to be equal and have the same capacities so if we’re good, we deserve as much as everyone to get all of those opportunities.”

Sofia Vergara says women deserve as much as anyone. (Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images)

For Taraji P. Henson, star of the recent comedy What Men Want, it’s just an exciting time to be a woman. “I think the industry is proving that women can carry these kinds of movies — we’re proving it. The box office is saying, ‘Hey we want this.’ I’m just glad to be alive in this moment to be a part of it,” she says.

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